Unusual Stories

This is where you tell the world of when you met Frosty the Snow Man

  1. I asked my mom to check my tonsils because they were swollen. She said she “had” to go to my brother’s game. She spent the next hour on the computer. I passed out from a clogged throat. I woke up in the hospital with my mom yelling at me for being dramatic. I was then diagnosed with cancer:(

  2. I was entering an ice-cream shop one time with my cousin. A man standing outside with a menu asked us if we wanted to try his restaurant. I said, no thank you and entered the store. When we came out with our icecream, he asked if we could help him. I aksed how, and he said that he had been possessed by demons since he was young after playing a board game. I told him that he should see a priest, but he said he already had and that I looked like a good person which is why he was asking me. Anyway, I ran away yelling like a little girl when my ice-cream started to melt rapidly. True story, except the running away like a little girl–it was more, walking-back slowly with my eyes wide open.

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